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The 26th Expanded and Updated Edition

Newton's Telecom Dictionary

Amazon readers gave it ---- its highest rating.
Over 785,000 copies have been sold. That's a huge number.

Every large and small telecom company gives it to their employees to help them understand their increasingly complex world. The reason? Newton and his editors write this dictionary in non-technical business language. Newton believes that anyone in business ought to be able to understand complex technical terms, and figure their significance. Newton's objective is to explain what the technology means, what it does, what its benefits are, and what its pitfalls are.

Newton’s Telecom Dictionary is now in its 26th edition. At 1,311 pages, it defines 26,283 terms, making it the biggest telecom dictionary in the world and one of the largest technical/business dictionaries. It is consistently Amazon's top-selling computer/telecom/networking dictionary. The dictionary has received many glowing reviews:

  "A must-read." -- Interactive Week

  "A page-turner that invites use." -- IEEE

  "A fixture on the desks of many who deal with the technical world." -- The New York Times

  "An essential resource." -- PC Magazine

  "Newton understands the gravity of telecom, but approaches its complex workings with a little levity. His book is a must-read for anyone who wants to pierce the veil of the Internet's inner workings and the telecom networks on which it thrives. -- eWeek

  "We rate this essential resource publication with 5 stars. If you are involved in IT, communications, cabling, or facilities management, you don't want to leave home without it." -- Frank Bisbee

  "Your dictionary has kept me from NOT looking like an idiot several times, and I have years of experience in telecom. -- John Balazik
  "The book is much needed and a great asset ." -- Ken Cramer

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Over the past several years Newton’s Telecom Dictionary has been very beneficial to me! Thank you for writing it! -- Mary Miller

Without your Dictionary at my finger tips I would be unable to answer the questions I am now fielding concerning VoIP, so thank you for your invaluable information. -- Ludell Heaton

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